Styling My Tushie Off

Hey, friends!  How's your Monday going?  Mine is going slowly; I'm still recovering from this whopper of a spring cold that hit last week.  However, it's not so bad that I'm not getting anything done.  Quite the opposite!  One of the weird side-effects of cold medicine is that my brain is generating ideas at a million miles per hour.  On the flip-side, though, it's hard to keep up and I'm trying like mad to prioritize.  Prioritizing and organizing are not my strong suits at all.  My apologies if I owe you an email reply, btw.

One of the priorities that I'm giving a lot of attention to right now is growing my Instagram following.  When I switched formats last January, I had 171 followers, and now it's grown to 350. Those numbers are miniscule when I compare them to bloggers I admire, but I'm trying not to get down about it.  Seeing that what I do (creating outfits on whiteboards) is not comparable to photogenic beauties with long hair, photogenic brunches,  and photogenic style for days, I'm expecting slower growth. I'm trying to distance my ego from those numbers, but it's hard sometimes.  Especially when you... outfits for five and a half hours straight like I did yesterday.   I created some super-cool work that I'm dying to share!!!  (Sneak Peek below.)  My theme for the week is "Get Flirty," and all my new styles are flirty indeed!

For example, this Simone Rocha / Sophia Webster outfit is so cute and pretty, it's just dying to be taken on a date.

What about you?  Does your sun rise and set on your Instagram numbers? Do you have any words of wisdom for me?

Thanks for following along, friends!  XO

Crickets for Thanksgiving

by Meredith Tabscott 

Crickets for Thanksgiving as in...utter...silence...except...for...chirping...crickets.

From an author's standpoint, this post was like, my crowning achievement in humor, wit, and style.  I was so proud of my funny jokes about the fitness buff and the vegan that I absolutely couldn't wait to click post!  Like--had to hold myself back for days to await Thanksgiving so that I could post it as I was excitedly chomping at the bit.

And then.


Zero feedback.  Zilch.  Nada.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE, AREN'T I FUNNY?!!! 

My self-esteem took a big hit that day.

And--aren't these outfits cute!!!  Oh, right.  That's a question, not an exclamation. TOO BAD!!!!  I refuse to use proper punctuation under these circumstances!

I ran a test yesterday.  I put Coco's ensemble (left) on Instagram, and it got loads of likes.  So, whazz up?

Ok.  Here's a second chance, everyone.  Maybe you were too busy with family stuff and travel to read the Friendsgiving post. I apologize for calling you, sweet readers, "YOU PEOPLE," and for using all-caps so aggressively.  

Here it is again, and I really do think the jokes are funny.  If I'm wrong, don't tell me; I'm sensitive.  Wait, do tell me.  I'd better toughen up if I'm going to be a blogger.  Wait, don't.  Yes, do.

Ha.  Just kidding.  (But not really.)

At the Intersection of Vintage & Punk

by Meredith Tabscott

I'm still gushing over Coco & Colette's New Years Eve outfits for two reasons:  One, I love the element of punk & vintage on Coco and two, I love Isabel Marant on Colette.  

Coco's dress is vintage 1920's from 1st Dibs, and because Coco leans more rock-and-roll and wears more McQueen, I styled it sassier by adding the McQueen clutch and Saint Laurent ankle boots.  It's such a cool merging of femininity and masculinity without going too far in either direction.  Cat's Meow indeed, right?

The whole board was inspired first by Colette's Isabel Marant dress.  I'd fallen in love with Isabel Marant's feminine yet funky clothing (also seen here), and I badly wanted to use this dress on the blog somehow.  My searches eventually led to finding Coco's dress, and my idea for them to attend a 1920's themed New Year's Eve party was born.  

Which would you favor?  Coco's look or Colette's?