Style Your Screens! Free Tech Wallpaper Giveaway!

art by Nicole Cicak

Our cute collaborator, Nicole Cicak, is back with another adorable and free tech wallpaper for download here on!  WOOHOO!  This month, we were inspired by men's and women's undergarments, which often get a bad rap for being tattered, ignored, and uncute, unlike these examples that Nicole dreamed up.  Is it time to declutter and improve your own collection?

 I guarantee that when you upgrade the unders, you'll put an immediate spring in your step.  Here are some that I have my eye on for myself and the mister...

Oh, and btw--have you noticed the site's new name?  Well, my old name.  My real name?  That's me.  

It made sense to name this site appropriately as my main focus is decluttering and styling services. What you'll now see are more "peaceful living through less clutter" posts, more "adventures in decluttering" client work, and more "real life interiors" posts.  Are you as excited as I am?

Before I sign off, here are the other free wallpapers, still available for download:

Thanks, friends!  Enjoy your new tech wallpapers!

XO, Meredith (of, ha ha)

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Madewell Casual

I just scheduled my Instagram posts for the week, and as much as I tried, I couldn't break from styling lots of black and white looks.  They're just so versatile and classy!  So, like my last post which featured Garnet Hill, here's another easy look for cool summer nights.  (That's assuming you're on vacation; Saint Louis temps are passing 90 degrees!)

Turning a Spare Room into a Closet: Yay or Nay?


Unless you literally have no closet at all in your bedroom.  Which in that case, there are still solutions to explore before stealing a whole room from your house. (See Exhibit A below.)

When I saw this Domino feature in my Pinterest feed, I almost choked on my coffee.  Why would you steal an entire room from your house just to store your clothing?  

I do have empathy for apartment dwellers in teensy units in Paris or NYC, but chances are they don't have whole rooms to spare.  Or maybe you're a princess or Kardashian; in that case, cool!  Thanks for reading my blog.

But for the rest of us, when we're amassing so much stuff that we need bigger houses or bigger closets to deal with it, the problem ain't our stuff.  It's us.

To summarize Marie Kondo, "We all have enough storage already, no matter where you live."  She's right.  Instead, let's look at what we're not using, get rid of it, and free up space and positive energy.  Let's adapt to the storage we already have.  

Before you judge me as an idealist who eats tofu and drinks beet juice, let me show you what I mean.

Let's imagine that these shots are of closets instead of rooms.  Which one makes you happier?  Which feels less stifling?  Which would calm you?  

Of course, Exhibit A.  Don't roll your eyes at me yet.  Keep reading and I'll explain.

Are you thinking, "Yeah, right.  That is calmer and less stifling, Meredith, but let's get real.  Having more clothes means more choice.  More choice means more fabulousness.  More fabulousness means that I feel good, look good, and have a spring in my step."

Perhaps that's true, but I doubt it.  If you rolled your eyes, I challenge you to really think about what you wore last week, last month, and maybe even last year.  Chances are very high that you only wore 20% of what you own.  Even if you're outside the norm and wore, say, 50% of what you own, then imagine your closet's contents reduced by half with absolutely no angst on your part whatsoever.  Would you be happier?  What side-effects would it bring?  Peace?  Joy?  A gratitude for these gifts you possess?  

You bet.  Plus more, I guarantee.

Let's look at each closet's pros and cons starting on the right with Example B:

Exhibit B Pros and Cons


  • ample shelving                                                                
  • nifty cubbies on bottom
  • funky glass heads
  • cute rug, desk and chair
  • clean, bright-white paint


  • too many choices
  • clothes smashed together, getting wrinkled and hiding
  • an unusable desk due to clutter
  • If these are all the tops, where are the bottoms and shoes?  Likely, on the other side of the room that looks like this, too.  EEK!

Exhibit A Pros and Cons


  • Your "What am I wearing today?" choice is easy because everything in front of you is what you actually wear.
  • Clothes are hanging freely and breathing.  You spent your hard-earned money on these pieces; you want them to last, and you treat them accordingly.
  • The full length mirror is useful for that final check before leaving the house.
  • Shoes are stored with the outfits instead of in a separate space.
  • The cute stool is handy; you sit here to lace up your boots.
  • Clean, bright-white paint and minimal-chic decor are both calming and pretty.
  • The state of your closet mimics the state of your life:  You are confident, calm, and stylish.


  • You'd probably need two of these clothing racks and a dresser.  Your underpinnings and workout wear have to go somewhere.
  • You'll still need a spot to house your accessories like hats, handbags, and jewelry.  I recommend some cute hooks and a tray on your dresser for your jewelry.

What does your closet look like?  Here's a terrible photo of mine which I snapped from my phone.  I'll take a better picture soon.

I store off-season shoes and handbags in the upper cabinet.  My winter coats (see the red one?) are on the far left, hanging freely.  My pants and dresses are hanging freely in the left-centerish space.  My tops are on the upper-right, and shorts and skirts are in the bottom right.  My nightgown, robe, and summer bags hang on the closet doors.  My in-season shoes are on the floor, and the drawer houses my clutch and my travel-cosmetics bag.    

Since this photo, I've sold about five pieces that I discovered I wasn't wearing.  Also, I bought a new winter coat (because it was cute and I liked it), so I sold the red one.  

Your Turn

I have a challenge for you--snap a photo of your closet and share it with any comments or questions on FaceBook .  #letsgetreal  I promise I won't judge you, as long as you promise not to judge me for liking tofu and beet juice.

What are your biggest closet or clothing issues?  I'll fess up to mine:  I love clothes, especially from Anthropologie.  I love loving clothes.  I can spend money like it grows on trees. 

I have, but I don't anymore. I learned some super-important lessons which led to major changes in my behavior--which in turn, led to major changes in my life, which led me to doing what I do now:  helping people declutter & up their style games.

But that's a post for another time.  

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Most of all, thank you for reading, friends.  



Summer's Here! Tech Wallpaper Giveaway!

Happy summer, friends!  To celebrate the season, I have another cute tech giveaway from our talented and sassy pal, Nicole Cicak.  How cute are these ladies, right?  Look at them sporting their Jackie O. styled headscarves.  Adorbs.

This tech wallpaper is available for free download!  Use it however you wish--as a screen saver, as a free printable for framing, as wrapping paper, whatever!  Enjoy!

Last month, I uploaded the spring shoe tech wallpaper into Spoonflower and had the cutest wrapping paper made.  You could also upload the images to FinerWorks and create custom greeting cards.  (I'm so doing this for birthday gifts.)

Possibilites abound! 

CLICK HERE to download your Lady Faces tech wallpaper.

Enjoy your summer, everybody!