Style Your Screens With Cute Spring Shoes!

Hey, guys!  Nicole Cicak and I are back with another super-cute-fun-sweet TECH WALLPAPER!  Tech wallpaper is the backdrop you use on your iPhone or computer; it's a fun thing to change out each month.  Last month we celebrated April showers, and this month we're celebrating (guess what?)  Yep.  Our favorite accessory--the quickest way to add punch to an outfit--they're fun to collect and more fun to wear--


Nicole and I picked our favorite kicks from designers' spring collections, and we are more than smitten with our finds.  We started by compiling a "shoe wallpaper" Pinterest board, and Nicole narrowed down the choices by compatibility.  Then, she waved her wand and worked her magic to craft this darling illustration to giveaway on the blog!  WHOOT!

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE WALLPAPER  1)  click link  2)  right-click to save image 3) set as desktop image

Which is your favorite?  Seriously, friends, I've tried picking my favorite a hundred times over, and I just can't.  They're all too cute and totally wearable.  Even the glittery hi-tops (come on, Stephanie!  no metallics, really?) are a hit.

If you've been following the blog for a while, you know I love me some brogues.  If I weren't on a spending ban (remember #merrychristmastome? paying for it!), I'd buy these Karen Walker's stat!  Aren't you impressed with my reserve?  These Rochas are adorable, too.

And, on the casual side of things, we found some darling Tod's Derby Shoes which Moda Operandi describes as "masculine inspired" and "sublimely chic."  I have to say, I like "masculine inspired."  It makes me fondly remember the CK1 campaign back in the 90's.  We've also featured the Tod's metallic hi-tops.  They're cool for people like me who don't want to let go of thinking that they're 25.  You know--they fit the genre I just made up called "grown-up-yet-youthful."  

Also featured:  Kate Spade Striped Pumps  /  Kate Spade Floral Pumps  /  Kate Spade glitter sneakers  /  Salvatore Ferragamo sandals  /  Delpozo bow pumps  /  Givenchy Slip-ons

Now the fun part!  I've styled each pair from the wallpaper in cute spring outfits which you can see below and on Instagram.  Pop over to Instagram and leave me a comment, visit Nicole's Instagram and tell her how fantastic she is, or leave a comment below.  

Love you all!  It's so fun to share these designs and freebies with you, dear friends!