Frequently Asked questions

How do I know if your service is right for me?

Do you ever feel like you have tons of clothes and nothing to wear?  Is your closet or your dresser barely closable?  Do you feel like you aren't stylish or you can't wear stylish outfits?  Do you feel like you are stuck and don't know how to change?  Do you own a lot that you don't use?  If so, you will definitely benefit from my decluttering and styling service.

how does it work?

We start by chatting over email where we'll discuss your needs and concerns.  Then, we'll pick a day to declutter.  Once the day is set, you'll complete the online questionnaire and send me a few photos of yourself.  Prior to meeting you, I'll develop styling ideas for you and create a Pinterest page where I'll share looks with you.  Then, on the arranged date, I'll arrive and help you achieve your goals!  Sometimes, it'll take us a few sessions, and other times, we can finish in one session.  The length of time depends on how much you have.

What should i prepare before your arrival?

First, refine your goals for our session.  Obviously, decluttering is one goal.  Other goals might be developing a personal style that works for you and is functional, understanding how to dress for your body type, discussing hair and makeup changes, understanding where and when to shop, and the like.  It's helpful if you can communicate your needs and goals with me ahead of time. 

The pre-session questionnaire is great preparation for our session.  Also, have trash bags available for discarding, and clear your bed so that we can use it for sorting.  It's helpful for us to have uninterrupted time, so you might need to arrange for the kids to go to Grandma's for the day.

i bought this stuff, doesn't that mean that i love it?

Ummmm, not exactly.  You maybe loved it.  You maybe had "a moment" with it in the store.  You maybe rocked it ten years ago.  Someone maybe said they loved it and now you think you do, too.  Note this, dear friend:  Getting rid of things that you love does not mean you are less loved.  Getting rid of things means that you understand that life goes on, time moves forward, and that memories exist as love in your head; they do not exist as love shoved in your bottom drawer.  We are forever saying goodbye to things that we love, and we should do this confidently!  Why?  One, it's empowering as hell.  And two, because regret never serves our current or future selves.  Say hello to this you.  Dress for who you want to be, not for who you were.  Keep your college memories in your photo album, not in your closet.

aren't i just throwing money away?

No, no, no, dear.  Well, yes.  Everything you're pitching cost money, so sort of.  But let's get real.  Have you quit shopping?  Of course not.  You love shopping.  I love shopping.  I love inviting new, cute pieces and styles into my life.  So, it makes sense to let go of the old pieces, too.  Trust me, if you're hanging on to something in case it comes back in style, I'm here to tell you that yes, it will come back in style, and someone will sell it again.  By no means should you save old things for that day.  When you do, you're cluttering your closet, and you're more likely to be overwhelmed by your choices; conversely, you'll feel like you have nothing to wear.  That's the weird irony of having too many choices:  You feel like you have nothing to wear or you don't like what you have.  I also recognize the irony of thinking about money I throw away.  Am I really going to pay $150 for a Trader Joe's grocery haul but talk myself out of a $150 dress?  That dress will be around way longer than my groceries!  I'm not advocating going into debt--hells no.  But come on, you can embrace buying new styles and purchasing better clothing.  You'll wear the heck out of them and you'll be happy while you're doing it!  What price do you put on feeling amazing in your clothes?

i'm scared you're going to make me get rid of things that i don't want to part with.

I never make people get rid of anything.  I use a nurturing approach.  Think of me as your friend who's popping over for the day, not as some crazy-clutter-lady wielding an ax.  I walk you through the process gently, and ultimately, you are the one to decide what stays or goes.  If you want to hang on to your college sweatshirt, then do!  You can read some testimonials here to understand my approach better.