Embrace Your Spirit Animal

Our spirit animals are animals that have qualities or characteristics that we perceive to be present within ourselves.  We may connect with them throughout our entire lives, or we may only connect with them at certain times in our lives.  I enjoy thinking about this, mostly because I just love animals.  

As a kid, I felt deeply connected to horses.  I have a vivid memory of gazing out of my school bus' window when I was young and imagining myself riding a horse alongside the bus. The horse was running, and I was posed forward, gripping the reins, with my hair blowing in the wind.   Not obvious that I craved freedom, right?  Ha.  Most certainly, the horse is a spirit animal that has represented me throughout life.  The horse represents drive, passion, freedom, and strong motivation.  Plus, they're just darned beautiful.

photo from Randal Ford

photo from Randal Ford

Any fellow Hufflepuffs out there?  That's one of the four houses at Hogwarts, the school for witches and wizards in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series.  I took the "Which House Are You In?" quiz on the Pottermore website, and I was assigned Hufflepuff.  After some digging, I realized why:  the badger is the Hufflepuff mascot.

The badger is more closely my adult spirit animal.  Like badgers, I am territorial, grounded, and introverted.  Though they're not as sexy to talk about as horses, they're funky little critters with a penchant for independence, cunning, self-reliance and passion.  They're not averse to being unclean, either.  That's exactly like me--I once had a stretch of four snow days back in 1998, and I didn't get out of my pajamas or shower the whole time.  It was bliss.

photo from Randal Ford

photo from Randal Ford

What do spirit animals have to do with interiors?  Well, I got to thinking of how it would be cool to incorporate animal photography into a home's decor, and though I have an affection toward cows, it would be way more meaningful to choose horses or badgers instead.  You know?  Then, my animals' symbolism would be present--a daily reminder that dammit, I am passionate!  And all you haters can go jump!  Or, on a more positive day, I could be reminded that I should indeed tackle that incredibly giant and complicated project, because dammit, I am driven!

You get my drift.

Randal Ford's animal photography rocks.  Check it out here.

What's your spirit animal?  I'd love to hear!  Lemme know in the comments section.

Yours in animal-love,


Why aren't I buying pillows from Urban Outfitters?

I don't know.  But I should be.  I guess I don't shop there because I'm on a self-imposed-Christmas-is-here-in-a-few-months-spending-freeze, but also because I don't visit the UO at the mall, thinking that I'll be outed as an over-forty and then be embarrassed.  However, that didn't stop me from shopping their online apartment section, and whoa-sisters!!!  Do they have some super-cute pillows!  Like really.  Why was I stuck in a West Elm pillow rut?  You guys are going to freak out.  Look.

Which is your favorite?  I love them all.  

Happy Monday, lovelies.

XO, Meredith

Danish Inspired Family Room

You guys--this room is killing me!!!!  I've styled a number of family rooms lately, prepping to makeover our own and ditch our big-a$$ leather sofa from 1995, and this board takes the cake.  And by cake, I mean all the money I don't have.  The seating here is exxx-pennnn-siiiii-ve.  So, if you're a mega-millionaire looking to donate to One Girl's Fantasy Home Decor fund, contact me privately for my PayPal and thanks in advance.

Links:  Couch  /  Chairs  /  Coffee Table  /  Side Table  /  Floor Lamp  /  Ceiling Pendant  /  Plant  /   Coffee Table Objects  /  Rug  /  Shag Pillow  /  Funky Pillow

Do you love it?!!?