simple, sassy, & stylish

Hi, friends!  Thank you for visiting my site!  As you may have read on my Decluttering & Styling Services page,  i love helping clients simplify their closets & find their best, most stylish looks.

Where it Began

I have always been a lover of fashion and a person committed to betterment.  My entire youth was spent dressing Barbies, sewing doll clothes, creating ensembles on Fashion Plates, playing dress-up in my mother's closet, and clipping fashion magazines for fun.  I had a focused goal of growing into an independent adult who would wear "cool clothes every day" (a quote from my 6th grade journal).  To zip through my adult life:  I graduated from college, took a job teaching high school English (where I get to wear cool, albeit conservative, outfits every day), and started a number of creative endeavors to supplement my income and bring me joy.  So, you might recognize me from ZiouZiou handbags, Fiona Heavensbee children's clothing, Oh, So Poppy! art prints, and the Stylish Adventures of Coco and Colette fashion blog and Instagram.  I love being busy, and I love creative endeavors.  

Throughout all of this growing up and learning, I have been a voracious fan of self-help literature.  It has made me a better wife, friend, mother, and teacher.  It's helped me learn how to be, how to live, and how to kick ass.  If there was a double major in Personal Development + Fashion & Design, I would be on top of the world.  That's my jam....always has been and always will be.  I'm self-taught.  No certifications, no degrees--just a genuine love of the topic and major satisfaction in the application.  

And that's the bottom line.  I love feeling like I've achieved my personal best, and I love helping others achieve their personal best. 

Find me at the intersection of style and simplicity.

In 2015, a bolt of lightening struck when I devoured Marie Kondo's book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.   Never before in all the personal fulfillment books I had read, had an author connected self to home.   The book compelled me to begin a mission which has ended in greater levels of personal happiness, better health, more confidence, greater style, and more money in the bank.  One year later, and because I decluttered my house, I am richer in so many ways.  

When that happens to you, you want to shout from the rooftops.  Which I did, though the rooftop was FaceBook.  Comments poured in by the dozens with friends and family cheering me on and asking for help.  This struck a cord with me, especially the teacher in me:  I would love to help other people feel the same way I feel.

So, this service is a selfish endeavor, frankly.  By helping you, I reinforce the best changes that have happened in me.  Plus, I get to pick out clothes, which is a huge love in my life. 

what i believe in 

What I know:  life is hard, stuff is expensive, ruts are a given, things break, parenting is difficult, marriage is difficult, managing weight is difficult, exercise is a drag, time disappears, and on and on...


What I believe in:  small changes lead to big changes, often with much less effort than you'd think.

My Philosophy

When we empower ourselves by aligning our lives with our desires, we become our best selves.  Clearing away the clutter, creating happy homes, and enjoying life's gifts while wearing clothes we feel and look amazing in, is the path to joy.  You'll be shocked at where it will lead.

Take my hand, friend, and let's do this together.

If you're interested in finding your best self by decluttering your closet and upping your style game, contact me here and let's begin the conversation.

Love you,