client testimonials

Courtney was gracious to let me document her decluttering and styling service which you can read  here.  Courtney says,


"Meredith is so helpful, positive, encouraging and nurturing. It was so easy to work with her because she makes the process easy, comfortable, and fun.  She helped me realize what I need to be looking for in clothes that are right for my body. The latest fashion trends aren't right for me and it felt wonderful to rid my closet of clothes that I never felt that comfortable in anyway!

This process of decluttering and styling has resulted in more confidence! Even after Meredith left, I got rid of things in my closet because I was more confident in what needed to go. I also feel more confident and pretty because I know what I'm wearing works for my body.

I never dreamed it would be so easy because I felt utterly overwhelmed by what was in my closet! I have much less, but I don't second or third guess what I'm putting on or feel uncomfortable in what I'm wearing. Meredith helped me see what looks best for my body type and everything in my closet makes me feel so confident. I can't believe I didn't do this earlier.

As a result of working with Meredith, I now know what kind of clothes to wear and what parts of my body to accentuate. My closet is much more organized which makes it so much easier in the mornings!

I highly recommend her because…she makes it so, so fun. Often, women don't feel comfortable with their bodies and don't want to talk about them. I wanted to cover up the parts of my body I don't love. She's honest, sweet, gentle, nurturing, and positive. She made me feel comfortable and more confident.  I feel so much more confident about my clothes and body. Having the styling sheet after our session is an awesome reminder of what I need to look for in clothes and to be sure I don't fall back into bad habits. Having a private style board on pinterest has been a lot of fun too. Not only for shopping, but to reference when I'm shopping."

Amy was kind enough to let me document her styling service which you can read here.  Amy says,

"My family ooohhed and ahhhed over the new-and-improved closet. My mother-in-law said, "Oh, that's what I need to do!" And I keep feeling pleasantly surprised every time I open the closet doors. :)"